Level 5 Textbook Delayed

The benchmark product in the Consortium’s comprehensive language revitalization plan has always been the Level 5 textbook and audio CD, as it would advance students to proficiency in the language – the ability to initiate and hold conversations, as well as read and write with clarity.  A technical matter with our 2011 Administration for Native Americans application for funding this project meant that we did not get the major funding that we normally expect with each textbook level.  As a result, the Level 5 textbook development and production has had to proceed through 2012 and 2013 with staff working fewer hours, meaning that the book’s release is far behind schedule.  

However, at this newsletter’s mailing all of the book’s units are done, reviewed and off to the printer. The prototype will definitely be available at the 2014 LSI for a full introduction to teachers and schools.