Have You Tried the Lakota Audio Series Yet?

Final Full Lakota Audio Series

First reviews of the Lakota Audio Series: A Practical Conversation Course Vol. 1 are posted at the NLD-O web site. We are encouraged!

“My experience with the series so far has been that I am now learning the language in a natural way.”

“What is really wonderful is that my children, who are playing around the house, have started to respond to the audio without any prompting from me!”

That’s the kind of learning experience we hope to inspire!

If you’d rather not tote a 10-CD set around,  the Lakota Audio Series has also become available as a .mp3 digital download at CDBaby.com, suitable for desktop, tablet or mobile device. The 10-hour lesson sequence is divided into two parts (1a and 1b), sold separately – so you can use the first half of the course (CDs 1-5) until you feel ready for the second half (CDs 6-10).

The Lakota Audio Series’ supporting booklets and Glossary are also available as an eBook for download. Look for L.A.S.: A Practical Conversation Course, Volume 1 at BookBaby.com.

If you’ve been using the Audio Series, can we hear about your experience?  Please consider writing a review at the NLD-O web site or at the CDBaby.com page.

Facebook NLD Pro

There’s no end to the interest in the standalone digital version of the New Lakota Dictionary – the NLD-Pro – as both a download and DVDs for both Windows and Mac.

iPhone-5S-NLDM-400x230(2)There’s even one rabbit still left in the magic hat: very soon LLC will release the standalone digital New Lakota Dictionary (NLD-Pro) as a true phone app – an entire interactive language archive in your pocket, no wi-fi or cell service necessary.