Campaign for Native Languages


Create the change you want to see. Add your voice to the call for action.

  • Create or Join an Awareness Event

    Is your community working to raise awareness through public events? If so, get involved in their efforts. If not, you can work to create your own events.
  • Promote Language in Your Community

    The best way to raise awareness is often by word of mouth. Take the time to inform other members of your community about the efforts to protect and revitalize Lakota language and culture.
  • Be a Part of a Petition Drive

    Petitions are a great way to increase online awareness. They are also useful tools in gaining the attentions of the media.
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  • Write or Visit Your Senator or Representative

    Having the support of government officials a huge benefit to the revitalization of the Lakota language. Take a moment to write your Representatives or stop by their local offices.
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