Lakota Keyboard in Android

With the help of Google’s Gboard Team, users can easily add Lakota keyboard from their settings menu.

This guide uses Android version 8.1.0

Step 1: open Settings in your phone.

Step 2: Search “language” in the search box and find Languages from System > Languages & Input

Step 3: Click the “Languages” option at the top of the list

Step 4: In the Language preferences panel, click the + icon to add a language

Step 5: Find the Lakota language in the list, in 1 of 2 ways

Step 6: You may either by scroll to find it in alphabetical order, or search ‘LA’ to filter the list.

Note the language is displayed in its native form, Lakȟól’iyapi

Step 7: Select the Lakota language.

That’s it! Now you will be able to access the Lakota keyboard by clicking the globe symbol at the bottom of your keyboard.

If any questions, just contact us!