Lakota Language Weekends

Lakota Language Weekends are designed as “crash courses” in Lakota language. These two-day courses are taught by experienced instructors and are suitable for Lakota and non-Lakota, total beginners and continuing learners alike. Lakota Language Weekends turn language learners into language activists. We are growing the Lakota revitalization movement one Weekend at a time!

“I would love to express the supreme gratitude I feel for these Renegades who are bringing Lakota Language out to the world…”

“The instructors were phenomenal… I cannot thank them enough for giving us their time and energy.”
“Thank you all. So inspiring! I truly believe you made a lasting impact.”

“Awesome class! Please come back!”
“What a great weekend! I learned so much! Philamayayapi!”

“Wopila to everyone that made this weeknd possible. Helped so much in jogging 20 year-old memories of words and phrases. We will keep this going!”

Upcoming Weekends

Past Weekends

For more information, email or call (812) 961-0140.