Háu mitákuyepi, New York City —
the Lakota Language Weekend is heading your way!!

Sat-Sun, Feb 10-11, 9 am-5 pm
New York University

We’re helping fuel the Lakota Language Revitalization movement by bringing these dynamic immersion weekends to communities across the USA — from reservations in the Great Plains, to cities like Chicago, LA, Denver, Minneapolis — and now, the Big Apple! Think of it as a crash course in Lakota language and culture, taught by a dream team of Lakota instructors.


• The Lakota kinship system
• How to introduce yourself
• How to greet your relatives
• Basic phrases for the world around you
• How to build basic sentences

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LAKOTA LANGUAGE CONSORTIUM is a non-profit organization of linguists, Native American leaders and volunteers working to revitalize the Lakota Language.