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Saving languages is a team effort. Our mission requires the support and encouragement of individual donors, volunteers and activists as well as partner organizations, foundations, institutions and governments.

There is a role for everyone, and we are grateful for all the assistance our partners provide to support the on-going work of the Lakota Language Consortium.

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LLC is proud to work with numerous schools and educational institutions on language revitalization. LLC language materials are used by 32 schools and four pre-school / Headstart programs on five Lakota reservations and a number of off-reservation towns. Together, we share a commitment to excellence in teaching and promoting the Lakota language.
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LLC has its roots in the dreams of tribal elders looking to save their native language. The Lakota tribes started working toward this goal in the 1990s. Their work was the impetus for the creation of LLC. LLC, tribal leaders and tribe members still work hand in hand to revitalize Lakota.


One key to LLC's success thus far has been support and funding from government organizations. Our government partners include the Administration for Native Americans, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the National Science Foundation.


LLC has formed partnerships with a variety of charitable foundations, including the Puffin Foundation West and the Grotto Foundation. These partnerships allow LLC to grow its many projects.