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Attend The Lakota Stories Launch Event

Join us for a special event at the new Lakota Language Office in Kyle, SD on September 28, 2022, at 12:00 PM. With the support of the South Dakota Humanities Council, many stories by Ella Deloria have been translated into a new book titled Lakota Stories. Join a conversation led by Alex Fire Thunder about the important contributions Ella Deloria has made documenting language, and why it’s important to build our Lakota literacy skills.

This event is open to the public and attendees will receive a copy of the new book Lakota Stories. Due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, registration is required at the door and COVID guidelines will be followed.

Visit Us At The Language Summit 

Stop by our booth to say hi as we attend Tusweca Tiospaye’s 11th annual Language Summit in Rapid City, SD. The theme is, “Uniting the Seven Council Fires to Save our Language”. Last year we attended the Language Summit surrounded by Elders, teachers, leaders, and those enthusiastically pursuing and supporting continued language use. We had a lot of great conversations and a few of the LLC board members were presenters at last year’s conference. It is wonderful to look back at those shared memories and we look forward to what this year’s summit holds!

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LLC Board Member Highlight

Kevin Locke:
Prairie Public recently interviewed Kevin Locke and several others about the Densmore Repatriation Project. The project’s goals are to re-record, catalog, and make Frances Densmore’s documentation of Lakota songs from the early 1900s accessible. The documented 260 songs were recorded over a century ago and provide a detailed look into what life, language, and culture were like on Standing Rock during that time.

This project which began in 2021 provides several purposes. This project is teaching the younger generations the skills to be involved in documenting language and giving them access to past generations’ cultural knowledge through song. Kevin is a world-renowned hoop dancer, flute player, as well as a cultural and language ambassador. Music as an art and learning resource is close to Kevin’s heart.

Learn more about the Densmore Repatriation Project here.
Also, keep an eye out on our social media pages to see Kevin’s contributions to our upcoming posts! 

NLD Mobile Beta – Testing Soon!

We’ve reached another milestone that brings us closer to the release of the NLD 3.0. Woohoo! The NLD has officially begun beta testing on iOS (Apple) platforms. 

The teams, teachers, and learners at LSI who have been involved in the beta testing are making sure the NLD is running smoothly. Over 400 native speakers have used their knowledge and wisdom to create one of the most accurate and up-to-date learning tools for Lakota language. The collaboration resulted in a total of 40,838 Lakota word entries and 53,000 example sentences. The NLD makes those elders’ contributions accessible and opens up more opportunities for second language learners to have conversations using the language.

Tókša akhé  – the LLC Team

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