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Lakota Language Consortium (LLC) is a nonprofit organization made up of community leaders, linguists, educators, and volunteers. Our mission is to support the revitalization and preservation of Lakȟótiyapi by working to increase the total number of new speakers. We focus on developing language learning materials, training teachers, and promoting a vibrant and positive language revitalization community.

Since 2004,  our materials have assisted over 20,000 students across more than 60 school systems in the region and have helped create a healthy language-learning ecosystem. Our teacher training programs have been instrumental in expanding community capacity for advanced instruction in the language-  utilizing new effective methods and integrating contextual learning and grammar.

Overall, our goal is to support the language learning community with the materials, resources, and the events needed to speak and utilize the Lakota language in everyday life once again.

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Language is Healing – Iyápi kiŋ Phežúta Yeló

The Lakota Language Consortium works to increase the number of Lakota speakers by providing innovative educational materials, learning opportunities, and promoting a positive version of a Lakota language future.

We hope you find the resources and information here useful. Feel free to reach with any specific questions or requests! Also try our Introduction page to learn more about what LLC can offer.

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