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Welcome to Wičháho Blihélya – A Podcast in the Lakota Language. Co-hosts Alex FireThunder and Robert Two Crow both reside on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Bridging the gap between their generations, and between first and second language Lakota speakers, they explore various topics pertaining to life in Lakota country in 2023.

Each episode also features other Lakota speakers weighing in on the topic, presenting the listener with a variety of perspectives and voices. This podcast is intended to serve three major purposes: language preservation via documentation of the Lakota language as it is spoken by Native speakers and elders, language revitalization via providing interesting and engaging content for language learners to listen to in low-anxiety environments and for teachers to use in classrooms, and finally language maintenance by providing Lakota speakers with a talk show to listen to in their first language.

Episode 1 – Wičháčhaže (Names)

Kicking off the series, episode one of the Wičháho Blihélya podcast explores the histories around some of the last names heard in Lakota communities today. We hear stories about mistranslations and stories of how those names came to be. We also get to hear a few naming songs sung by renown Lakota singer, Ben Iron Hawk (Oglála).

Speakers in this episode include: Edna Plenty Arrows (Oglála), Ben Black Bear (Sičháŋǧu), Robert Two Crow (Oglála), and Alex FireThunder (Oglála).

Episode 2 – Wókhiyapi (Courting)

Episode two was recorded in light of Valentine’s Day, modernly celebrated by Lakota people and observed as “Čhaŋté Skúya Aŋpétu” or “Sweet Heart Day”. We discuss the history of traditional Lakota courtship, marriage, values as well as discussing love songs such as the wiówešte olówaŋ. This episode features love songs sung by both Melvin Young Bear (Oglála) and Royal Yellow Hawk (Sičháŋǧu).

Speakers in this episode include: Jerry Yellow Hawk (Cheyenne River), Ben Black Bear (Sičháŋǧu), Theresa Mendoza (Oglála), Clifford Canku (Sisíthuŋwaŋ Dakhóta), Robert Two Crow (Oglála), and Alex FireThunder (Oglála).

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