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Learning Lakota is easier than ever with the extensive digital resources. Many of our print materials are also available in digital app form. Here you will find the applications you can access via web browser, or mobile device. 

New Lakota Dictionary App

The New Lakota Dictionary (NLD) is the largest and most comprehensive Lakota Language dictionary currently available.  This user-friendly app allows you to search for words in English or Lakota and listen to the pronunciation of each word in both male and female voices. It is designed specifically with the learner in mind, providing numerous innovative features that help learners find words and use them correctly. 

Features Include:

  • 41,838 Lakota Entries
  • 12,809 English Reversals
  • Inflection charts show complete inflectional paradigm
  • Copy/Paste by word or line
  • Save favorites lists and navigate search history
  • Leave comments to improve future versions
  • Built-In keyboard for typing special characters
  • Lemmatizer searches for conjugated verbs and word forms
  • Over 400 native speakers involved in its development and review
  • Fun to use and explore
  • An excellent self-study tool!

*3rd Edition Mobile App Available now

*Desktop Update for Mac & PC coming in Spring 2023

New Lakota Dictionary is available on iOS and Android mobile devices. It can also be purchased for download on your Mac or PC from our bookstore.

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“The lemmatizer is one of the biggest advantages of the app when compared to the printed version of the NLD. Lakota is a highly agglutinating language. Affixes are added to words all the time, so unless you know the stem of the word with affixes, you won’t be able to find it in the dictionary. The app does that for you. If you type in e.g. waŋwíčhablake the app will show you the entry waŋyáŋkA.

– Ben Black Bear, Jr., Leading Lakota language scholar from the Sičháŋǧu Oyáŋke (Rosebud Nation)

“This marvelous dictionary may help keep the number of (Lakota) speakers from falling. It gathers over 41,000 words and illustrates them with more than 50,000 sentences, usage notes and collocations.“

– John McWhorter, New York Times


Owóksape (learning place) is an e-learning portal that you can access on your desktop or mobile devices. This tool is devoted to Lakȟótiyapi and provides over 100 sessions for you to progress through. This tool provides an individual’s lesson based on learners’ choices and progress. The interactive learning lessons incorporate reading, written and speaking systems. This gamified experience incorporates lessons found in the printed textbooks, audio series, grammar handbook, and during language weekends. Owóksape not only helps you improve your language skills but brings the language to daily lessons anywhere you are.

This tool was developed in 2019. Owóksape is available on your desktop via web browser, or through an app download on iOS and Android mobile devices. 

At its core, Owóksape reshapes the possibilities for indigenous language learning and revitalization. It integrates the most current and effective learning technologies with accurate Lakȟótiyapi.

Visit Owóksape

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Lakota Keyboard

The Lakota language has unique characters that you may not find on your device keyboard. This free download allows you to add a Lakota keyboard to your desktop or mobile device. Once you’ve installed the corresponding keyboard you can type emails, texts, and create web content in Lakota using the unique characters. 

Lakota Keyboard is available for Mac (User Guide) or PC (User Guide) computers, or iOS and Android mobile devices.

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Lakota Media Player

The Lakota Media Player is a free mobile app that compliments Lakota Language Consortium’s textbooks and children’s books. After downloading the app, point your phone at the page and tap to hear native speakers pronounce words on the printed page. The audio guide section gives you complete access to the textbook vocabulary with an easy tap and swipe interface.

  • More than 600 words and phrases!
  • Each children’s book has the full text audio so you can read along.
  • Augmented reality (AR) places audio players right on the page in every unit!
  • Audio guide reveals the English with a tap.

Lakota Media Player is available for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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Lakota Vocab Builder 2.0

Play your way to better Lakota vocabulary skills!

Build your Lakota vocabulary with Lakota Language Consortium’s FREE vocabulary game for your phone or tablet. Quiz yourself everyday to learn different categories – animals, food, drinks, and more!

This app includes

  • 36 categories designed by Lakota speakers
  • More than 460 words!
  • Audio pronunciation and visual aid for each word in the category
  • Matching English words to Lakota words, and vice versa
  • Progress through levels to unlock new words
  • Challenge yourself with spelling and word search games
  • Track your progress and review words you’ve learned by category or activity

Whether you are learning on your own, or taking a beginner’s Lakota class, Lakota Vocab Builder will help build your confidence in using new Lakota words!

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Language revitalization depends on creating print, online, and app resources for learners.  If you are interested in learning more about our print, audio and video resources click here


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