Schools to Be Honored for Language Learning Gains

Language-Learning Trophies awarded in 2013.

Four Lakota tribal schools have emerged from the 2013-2014 school year showing real strength in teaching the language.  Comparison of test scores between the September 2013 pre-testing and May 2014 post-testing proves that students at all grade levels are improving and advancing.

Elementary schools

Most Improved — Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Early Elementary (Cheyenne River)

Best Overall — Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Early Elementary (Cheyenne River)

Junior High schools

Most Improved — Rock Creek Grant School (Standing Rock)

Best Overall — Red Shirt School (Hermosa, SD, Shannon County)

High Schools

Most Improved — Red Cloud High School (Pine Ridge)

Best Overall — Red Cloud High School (Pine Ridge)

Kili! These schools will be recognized with awards at the upcoming Lakota-Dakota Language Summit October 10-12 in Rapid City, SD.

About the Author
Shayne Laughter lives in Bloomington, Indiana.