NLD-Mobile Puts Lakota in Your Pocket


Back in 2013, LLC released an optimized Web link that allows your phone browser to tap into the New Lakota Dictionary-Online (NLD-O).  It’s still up, and still free, but of course it only works when your cell phone has internet access.

How simple it was! Easy to make, easy to use … and now we know it was just the beginning.

Today there is a true app, the NLD-Mobile, which does far more than just access the online dictionary.

Three years in the making, the NLD-Mobile is the full NLD-Pro, the downloadable interactive dictionary with audio files that LLC released in December.

The NLD-Mobile really is a talking dictionary in your pocket! It is now

live at

GooglePlay and the iTunes AppStore .

Priced at $19.95, NLD-Mobile works with Android smartphones and iOS iPhones. It downloads all of the same features as the desktop NLD-Pro:

  • 26,000 verified words – 3,000 more than the NLD-O or Print Dictionary
  • Example sentences
  • More than 40,000 Audio files for each word and example sentence
  • Male and Female voices
  • Search-and-translate function
  • “Close” spelling recognition – correct spelling not needed
  • Mac (iPhone) and PC (Android) compatibility
  • Can be downloaded to iPads and other tablets as well as phones
  • No Internet connection needed to use NLD-Mobile
  • No cell reception needed to use NLD-Mobile


The only limitation we can think of is that you have to download it directly from GooglePlay or the iTunes AppStore, because mobile devices work somewhat differently from computers. We can’t just email you a link.

For an app, $19.95 is a steep price – but consider these facts:

  • It is the most inexpensive version of the New Lakota Dictionary. The print book and the DVD NLD-Pro are both $50. The NLD-Pro streaming download is $40. This app is $20.
  • The NLD-Online hasn’t been updated since 2011. The NLD-Mobile will be updated at least twice a year – at no cost to its users.
  • The NLD-Mobile has 3,000 more words than the NLD-O or print book, plus example sentences.
  • The NLD-Mobile has more than 40,000 audio files for every word and example sentence.


Overall, the NLD-Mobile is a fantastic investment for self-study.

We put our products through rigorous testing, but once they are in use, you are the reviewers other users will trust. GooglePlay and the iTunes AppStore have product review pages, so please drop by there and talk about your experience. Also, please pass the news of NLD-Mobile on to product-review bloggers you may follow.

Knowing the technopshere, there will soon be other devices and programs to carry the NLD. We intend to see the Lakota language on all of them!