Honoring Our Lakota Teachers – National Teacher Appreciation Month

13102704_10154198203949588_1877355529379482193_nMay is National Teacher Appreciation Month.

May 3 marks the official National Teacher Appreciation Day – a day to honor educators everywhere; a day to honor those who influence and change the lives of young people all over the country.

On this occasion, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to those who have made LLC’s work possible (but we think our teachers should be honored every day, no matter what month or day!)

Without the hard work, passion, and drive of Lakota teachers, the Lakota Language Consortium would not be where it is today.

Our Lakota teachers are true language warriors; they pass down Lakota values, language and traditions to hundreds of students every day. They educate, inspire, encourage and support new language learners. They create language materials, resources and lead language events. Their work extends far beyond the boundaries of the classroom and their impact is felt across many Lakota communities.

Check out our #ThankATeacher campaign on Facebook and tag a teacher who has changed YOUR life to share this post with them!

Aŋpétu kiŋ lé Waúŋspewičhakhiyapi Wičhágluonihaŋpi Aŋpétu. Lakȟótiyapi waúŋspewičhakhiya waŋží wóphila ekíya pe!

Today is National Teacher Appreciation Day. Say thank you to a Lakota teacher!