Iktómi Wičhítegleǧa Siŋté Waŋ Úŋ kicks off #MarkdownMonday

You may find yourself asking, “What’s #MarkdownMonday?”

Starting today we will feature a Lakota language-learning resource every other Monday on our Facebook page and offer a discount code!

Iktomis_Story_Racoon_Hat__23705.1424967074.1280.1280To kick off our new promotional campaign, this week we’re highlighting Ikotmi’s Raccoon Hat – a Lakota play performed at LSI in 2012. The long-awaited script for Iktómi Wičhítegleǧa Siŋté Waŋ Úŋ is finally here, complete with a synopsis, 9 scenes in Lakota and English, and a set suggestion page to stage your own production of the play!

You can purchase the script at the LLC Bookstore at the following link: https://www.llcbookstore.com/iktomi-wi-hitegle-a-si-te-wa-u-iktomis-racoon-hat-iktomi-play-series/  Use the code raccoonmonday to get a 25% discount at checkout! But hurry, this code will expire on Sunday and next Monday we will feature a new product with a discount. 

Be sure to follow our Facebook page for all the updates and check out a video excerpt from the play below, performed at Sitting Bull College:


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