Episode 10 – Wóšpipi na Ómakȟa Tȟéča (Christmas and New Years)

In this final episode of Season 1, we discuss the memories around Christmas and the various customs that have been introduced to our Lakota people via churches. We also discuss how resilient and innovative our people were to carry traditional Lakota concepts into these practices. For example, the word, “Wóšpipi,” means berrypicking, however the Christmas custom of receiving treats and presents under a tree is also described by this word. Similarly, Santa Clause was assigned the Lakota name, “Wazíya,” who existed in old traditional Lakota tales prior to contact with Christian missionaries. We’d like to extend our wishes for happy holidays to all and we look forward to delivering Season 2 of Wičháho Blihélya in 2024!

Speakers in this episode include: Wilber Witt (Oglála), Dave “Dawí” American Horse (Oglála), Theresa Mendoza (Oglála), Alvon Little Whiteman (Oglála), Imogene Roy (Oglála), Ben Black Bear Jr. (Sičháŋǧu), Robert Two Crow (Oglála), and Alex FireThunder (Oglála).