Episode 3 – Waníyetu (Winter)

This episode was recorded in hopes that it would be the last time we discuss winter weather until far after the coming summer has passed. We spoke with elders who recalled that winter was the time for storytelling, and how these stories have lessons and teachings attached to them. We also heard true stories and memories of one of the worst blizzards in South Dakota history, the 1949 Blizzard. Akhé pȟeží tȟó uŋkálipi kte. We will walk upon green grass again!

Speakers in this episode include: Harriet Brings (Oglála), Edna Plenty Arrows (Oglála), Dellmarie DullKnife-Bradfield (Oglála), Florida Young Bull Bear (Ogála), Robert Two Crow (Oglála), and Alex FireThunder (Oglála).