Episode 4 – Ziŋtkála (Birds)

We can finally say that spring has arrived and it’s actually starting to look like it. In this episode we discuss birds, namely the meadowlark who returns in the springtime. We discuss various experiences seeing and hearing these birds speak Lakota, as well as some stories that talk about them as well. We would like to dedicate this episode to the late Kevin Locke who is remembered talking about meadowlarks every spring.

Speakers in this episode include: Florida Young Bull Bear – Jealous Of Him (Oglála), Gerald Yellow Hawk (Cheyenne River), Ben Black Bear Jr (Sičháŋǧu), Clifford Canku (Sisíthuŋwaŋ/Waȟpéthuŋwaŋ Dakhóta), Peter “Pahá” Hill, Robert Two Crow (Oglála), and Alex FireThunder (Oglála). We also hear a song titled, “Meadowlark”, played on the flute by the late Kevin Locke.