Episode 5 – Wičháȟpi-Owíŋža (Star Quilts)

As Lakota people, we are all familiar with the sight of beautiful star quilts wrapped around those being honored or draped over a couch or used as curtains in front of windows. In this episode, we visit with various Lakota speakers about their understanding of the history and significance of the star on our quilts. Additionally, some speakers shared stories of receiving their first star quilt, and memories of their mothers quilting. Lastly, we discuss that many students today receive a star quilt at their graduation ceremonies and we wanted to congratulate all of the Classes of 2023 across Lakota country with a Graduation Honoring Song sung by Austin Last Horse.

Speakers in this episode include: Austin Last Horse (Oglála), Imogene Roy (Oglála), Clause Two Elk (Sičháŋǧu), Delmarie Dullknife-Bradfield (Oglála / Šahíyela), Alvon Little Whiteman (Oglála), Andrea Reddest (Oglála), Robert Two Crow (Oglála), and Alex FireThunder (Oglála). We also hear a prayer song sung by Robert Two Crow’s great-granddaughter, Elise Gutierrez (Oglála).