Episode 8 – Itóǧiŋ Kitȟúŋpi (Halloween)

It’s mid-october, the temperatures are dropping, the leaves are not only changing but also falling, and many of our children throughout Lakota country are getting excited for Halloween. While this holiday is not a traditional holiday in Lakota culture, we do have some spooky stories that have been told for generations. Some of these stories are part of the ohúŋkakaŋ legends often told to children at bedtime. In this episode, we hear some of these stories as they’re remembered by elders. In these stories are scary creatures or characters such as Íya, Hiŋháŋ Káǧa, Hiŋháŋ Ská and wanáǧi. We also talk about the meaning and symbolism behind some of these stories. We’d like to wish everyone a happy and safe spooky season!

Speakers in this episode include: Imogene Roy (Oglála), Leola One Feather (Oglála), Ben Black Bear Jr (Sičháŋǧu), Harriet Bring (Oglála), Wilber Witt (Oglála), Robert Two Crow (Oglála), and Alex FireThunder (Oglála).