The Lakota Language Consortium began in 2002 to address concerns of Lakota language speakers and teachers concerned about the lack of language teaching happening in South Dakota. Community leaders Leonard Little Finger and Robert Two Crow, and others called on the Oglala National Education Coalition to create a solution to address language loss.

The result was a cooperative plan called the Lakota Language Consortium that would partner 18 schools with Indiana University to develop a curriculum. This effort was supported by the Oglala Sioux Tribe.

Unfortunately, the original project never fully materialized. In 2004, to continue the idea, Leonard Little Finger joined with Johnson Holy Rock, Richard Broken Nose, Wil Meya, Jan Ullrich, and David Rood to form a nonprofit organization that would develop curriculum and resources as the original plan envisioned.

LLC’s founding board members were: Leonard Little Finger, Johnson Holy Rock, Buzi Two Lance, Wil Meya, Richard Broken Nose, David Rood, and Jan Ullrich.

Since 2004 , LLC  has succeed in fulfilling its initial vision of providing the basic resources needed for schools to succeed in the effective teaching of Lakota to their students.