Lakota Language Summer Initiative

Tyler Louder | KELOLAND | June 15, 2023

Rapid City, S.D. (KELO) — Two Lakota language podcasters are finishing up a new program.

The Lakota Language Summer Institute is a two weeks long and built around educating both youth and adults on language and culture.

Alex FireThunder and Robert Two Crow travel around the area interviewing and spreading the Lakota language through a podcast.

The two ended the intensive communicative and grammar program in Rapid City today, which also offered teacher education.

“A teacher training track for Lakota language teachers to expand and brainstorm and collaborate on teaching methods that are effective for successful language learning in our schools throughout our communities.” Deputy Director Alex FireThunder said.

Here at the Rural America Initiatives, it’s more than just encouraging folks to come out and engage in the Lakota language and culture, but also bringing it back home as well.

“It’s not spoken at home, it’s not congruent with the Lakota way of life, so we have to do whatever we can.” Lakota Educator Robert Two Crow said

Even with a successful summer program, the two know the work is not done.

“We have a lot of work to do with as far as ensuring our Lakota language continues on. And continues to be spoken and communicated. And so we have a lot of gaps, you know every place where we hear and see media in English, we should be able to have that offered in Lakota as well.” FireThunder said

“The culture and the language are relatives. One can’t go without the other.” Two Crow said

With their podcast, the two hope to continue educating the public on the Lakota language and culture.

If you would like to hear from FireThunder and Two Crow more, you can find their podcast here.

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