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This map lists all of the educational organizations associated with the Lakota Language Consortium.

LLC is proud to work with numerous schools and educational institutions on language revitalization. LLC language materials are used by 32 schools and four pre-school / Headstart programs on five Lakota reservations, and a number of off-reservation towns. Together, we share a commitment to excellence in teaching and promoting the Lakota language.



Institutions that use LLC products:

Pine Ridge Indian Reservation (13 schools)

1. Crazy Horse School- Wanblee, SD
2. Wounded Knee District School- Manderson, SD
3. Red Cloud Indian Schools– Pine Ridge, SD

a. Red Cloud Elementary
b. Red Could Middle School
c. Red Cloud High School
d. Our Lady of Lourdes School Porcupine, SD

4. OST Child Care– Pine Ridge, SD
5. Shannon County Schools– Batesland, SD

a. Wolf Creek Elementary School– Pine Ridge, SD
b. Batesland School – Batesland, SD
c. Rockyford School – Rockyford, SD
d. Red Shirt School – Red Shirt, SD

6. Pine Ridge Elementary School – Pine Ridge, SD
Pine Ridge High School – Pine Ridge, SD
Loneman School – Oglala, SD

Cheyenne River Indian Reservation (6 schools)

1. Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Schools – Eagle Butte, SD

a. C-EB Early Elementary School – Eagle Butte, SD
b. C-EB Upper Elementary School – Eagle Butte, SD
c. C-EB Middle School – Eagle Butte, SD

2. Dupree School District – Dupree, SD
3. Tiospaye Topa School – Ridgeview, SD
4. CRST Child Care- Eagle Butte, SD

Standing Rock Indian Reservation (8 schools)
1. Wakpala School– Smee, SD
2. Standing Rock Community School– Ft. Yates, ND
3. McLaughlin Public School– McLaughlin, SD
4. Rock Creek School- Bullhead, ND
5. Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Head Start– Ft. Yates, ND
6. Little Eagle School – Little Eagle, SD

a. Standing Rock Junior High School
b. Standing Rock Elementary School– Ft. Yates, ND
c. Standing Rock Community High School– Ft. Yates, ND

Rosebud Indian Reservation (4 schools)

1. Sicangu Owayawa Oti- Rosebud, SD
2. St. Francis Indian School – St. Francis, SD
3. RST Child Care – Rosebud, SD
4. Todd County Schools- Mission, SD

a. Rosebud Elementary School-

Crow Creek Indian Reservation (1 school)

1. Crow Creek High School– Stephan, SD

Off-Reservation Schools (6 schools)
1. North Middle School– Rapid City, SD
2. Indian Community School– Milwaukee, WI
3. White River School District – White River, SD
4. Indian Magnet School– St. Paul, MN
5. Gordon Pre-School- Gordon, NE
6. Pierre School District – Pierre, SD